5052 Aluminum Sheet Metal For Car Floor

5052 aluminum sheet metal for car floor is an aluminum alloy commonly used in rail transit, which belongs to aluminum-magnesium alloy plate. 5052 aluminum together with other 5000 series aluminum alloy plays an important role in the application of automobile lightweight.

sheet metal for car floor

The melting point (660℃) of 5052 aluminum sheet metal for car floor is much lower than that of iron (1536℃), but its thermal conductivity [238W/(m·K) is much higher than that of iron [78.2W/(m·K)] , It has good heat dissipation performance, so it has good fire resistance and arc resistance. It is a kind of fireproof material.

The 5052 aluminum alloy car body has strong corrosion resistance. The 5052 aluminum car sheet metal also has good surface treatment properties, will not rust, and does not need to be painted, so the maintenance cost is lower than that of carbon steel and low alloy copper steel. Much more, and the service life is longer. After the expiration of the operating period, all the scrap aluminum parts in the aluminum car body can be recycled, which is much higher than that of the carbon steel car body, which is conducive to the construction of circular economy and environmental protection.

5052 aluminum sheet metal for car floor has excellent surface treatment performance, can be anodized, sprayed paint, electrophoretic paint film and coloring, etc., not only can further improve the corrosion resistance of the aluminum alloy car body, but also the car body is shining and the color is harmonized. The aluminum car has become a beautiful landscape on the land of world.




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