6061 Aluminum Plate For Automotive

With the rapid economic development, at this stage, automobiles have become an indispensable means of transportation in our daily lives, and correspondingly, the automobile industry is also in a state of vigorous development because of its great demand.

Aluminum sheet manufacturers believe that although the automotive industry is developing so vigorously and rapidly, only by paying attention to the production process and the selection of materials can it finally occupy a larger proportion of the market. At the same time, with environmental protection and light weight, the requirements for the automotive industry are getting higher and higher. Among them, as the leader of aluminum alloy plates, the application of 6061 aluminum plates appears to be more popular. While maintaining good performance, it can also meet the requirements of light weight. It has become the most widely used material for automobile body production.

6061 aluminum plate for automotive

Since the 6061 aluminum sheet is widely used in the automotive industry, what are its outstanding properties? The following will be described one by one by the aluminum plate manufacturer.

6061 aluminum plate has good formability and heat treatment strengthening performance, and is widely used in various body parts, such as car doors, engine covers, roof covers and trunk covers. Body covers, especially outer panels, are also one of its popular application parts. One, it can be said that it is a special material for automobile aluminum plates.

6061 aluminum sheet is not only used in auto parts and car bodies, the bending limit is an important indicator to measure the pros and cons of 6061 aluminum sheet edging, and edging is an important process in the assembly and pressing process of inner and outer panels of automobile body panels. It should be noted here that the 6061 aluminum plate in the O state is the softest and can be used for various types of bending and shaping treatment processes. Therefore, in the process of automobile manufacturing, although 6061 aluminum sheet is one of the commonly used materials, it is necessary to distinguish its different states, because different states have different properties.




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