Aluminum Sheet Metal For Cars

Aluminum sheet metal for cars automobile body mainly include 2000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series aluminium alloy plate and high-performance cast aluminum. Different types of aluminum alloy materials are used for different stressed parts in the car body structure. Automobile lightweight is to reduce the quality of the automobile. And provide the power of the car, reduce fuel consumption, and reduce exhaust pollution.

sheet metal for cars

Aluminum sheet metal for cars has the characteristics of low density, good corrosion resistance and excellent plasticity. It is suitable for casting, forging and stamping processes, and is most suitable for the die-casting process of auto parts production. The application proportion of aluminum sheet metal in cars continues to rise. For example, 6000 series (AI-Mg-Si series) aluminum alloy plate that have been heat-treated (such as T4, T6, T8) can well meet the requirements of automobiles for shells, they can used as sheet metal for car body frame material. The body sheet metal parts of the Audi A8 adopt this series of alloy aluminum materials. In addition, 2000 series (AI-Cu-Mg series), 5000 series (AI-Mg series) and 7000 series (AI-Mg-Zn-Cu series) aluminum alloys can also be applied to body materials.

The anti-aging stability, formability, surface treatment technology and bake hardenability of aluminum sheet metal for cars are key factors that affect the mechanical properties and process performance of the panels. Therefore, these properties will be focused on during the production and processing of the panels. The production process of aluminum sheet metal for car body panels mainly includes the following processes: casting→hot rolling→cold rolling→heat treatment (quenching/annealing). According to the alloy type, solution treatment heating speed, solution temperature, holding time, temperature control accuracy and cooling methods have strict requirements.




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