Car Body Sheet Aluminum

Compared to the iron car body material, the aluminum alloy car body structure is widely used in the manufacturing of large trucks and vehicles. Through optimized welding and the use of advanced welding techniques, the strength of the car body is increased. Modern vehicles are made of car body sheet aluminum to ensure lightweight and structural strength requirements. After undergoing body electrophoresis phosphating technology and cavity wax injection technology, the anti-rust performance is also equivalent to the vehicle’s lifespan. The repair rate of aluminum sheet car bodies after accidents is also high. With the advancement of materials and techniques, they can be combined with other alloys to further reduce structural weight.

car body sheet aluminum

With the rapid development of the land transportation industry, there is a significant demand in the market for car body sheet aluminum. HAOMEI Aluminum produces 5182, 6016 aluminum sheet for car bodies, and has established good cooperative relationships with several large vehicle manufacturers. Especially after the successful operation of HAOMEI Aluminum's 1+1 production line, it can produce wide plates up to 3300mm, meeting the different requirements of customers in the market.

The car body sheet aluminium has long lifespan and low maintenance costs. Aluminum car body sheet metal has the advantage of good corrosion resistance, which is more evident in tanks used for transporting corrosive substances. Therefore, the direct benefit to customers is that the service life of aluminum alloy cars is significantly longer than that of steel tanks, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

The car body sheet aluminium has good conductivity and energy absorption performance. In the event of a collision, aluminum alloy cars have good conductivity, which prevents the accumulation of static electricity and avoids accidents such as explosions caused by sparks. At the same time, aluminum alloy can effectively absorb the instantaneous energy generated when the vehicle collides or rolls over, preventing the car from cracking and avoiding explosions and environmental pollution caused by leaks of petroleum and other substances.

The above is an introduction to the advantages of car body sheet aluminum. Through these introductions, we hope to increase everyone's understanding in this area.




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